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Sauermann Group's mission is to develop and produce for OEMs and installers of air conditioning, heating and refrigeration systems throughout the world innovative products and systems for detecting, evacuating and regulating condensate water. Also to provide them with both quality and service while at the same time upholding respect for the environment and preserving the living environment of its users.


As a market leader, the Sauermann Group employs nearly 100 people throughout the world. In 2007, it had a consolidated turnover of 21.5 million Euros. For more than 20 years, it has been designing, manufacturing and selling condensate removal pumps (finishing equipment) intended for air conditioning, heating and refrigeration systems.

Sauermann Mini Condensate Removal Pump

Sauermann Omega Pack
Sauermann NA Product Line 2015
Sauermann - Si 20
Sauermann Centrifugal Tank Pump