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Your safety is our highest priority!
Bahco has been designing and manufacturing professional tools for over 120 years. Our core value is product performance, and the
tools which perform the best are also usually the safest tools.
Bahco tools are sold worldwide, but they are always backed up with local expertise. With a range of more than 200 insulated tools,
Bahco offers one of the widest and most comprehensive assortments of insulated tools on the market.
All Bahco insulated tools are manufactured according to International IEC60900 standards for working with live systems up to 1000VAC
& 1500VDC. They follow strict quality controls and are submitted to the most stringent tests.
Bahco insulated tools comply with VDE0820 Standards and 63% of the assortment is certified by the German VDE laboratory. The new
Bahco 1000V assortment is designed to get the job done quickly and safely.
Quality guarantee
Bahco tools are engineered to achieve a high level of technical performance. The materials used are high quality and they have been
carefully chosen and tested in order to provide safety and durability.
Bahco is one of the few hand-tool manufacturers that make the tools and the insulation in-house. Both the PVC dipped insulated version
(most of the tools) and the handle version (pliers and screwdrivers) are manufactured entirely in Bahco factories.
Each tool is tested to 10,000 V for a period of 10 seconds to provide a high level of protection during live work.
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