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• Open End: SUPERCOMBO® open end has specially designed
grooves that contact fasteners on the flats and direct force away
from corners, eliminating corner rounding. A 45˚ chamfer on the jaw
tips allow for easy fastener insertion.
• Handle: Round edge profiles eliminate sharp edges, providing
a more comfortable grip to apply more force. Large stamp size
in the handle allows for quick and easy identification.
• Box End: SUPERTORQUE® lobular box design prevents
rounding of the nuts and bolt heads by providing “no contact”
clearance of the corners while applying all of the wrenching
force (torque) on the flat surfaces behind the corner points.
Box end chamfer is designed for quick, positive placement
on the fastener.
Unique Tubular
Handle Wrenches
• Wrenches may be used without the handle to quickly run down
nuts. The handle can then be slipped on for final tightening or to
reach otherwise inaccessible nuts.
• A “stop” on the wrench shaft helps to align locking button with
handle hole.
• Offset box design provides turning clearance for hands above
work surface.
• Continuous arc design distributes stress over the entire wrench
opening radius for greater strength.
• Available in 3 styles — offset box, straight box and open end.
• Interchangeable handle lengths — 13", 24" and 36".
• Large size ranges from
" to 3
" (depending upon style).
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