Snap-on CAT3 - page 111

Wrench with safety coil –
Secure lanyard attachments
need to withstand tough site use, including low temperature,
so structural integrity is critical
Superior design - no welds to fail
High performance - made from polished stainless steel, they
have superior flexibility and shock-absorbing qualities over
welded attachments
Seven sizes available to support wrenches up to 1½” or 55mm
Slides out of the way along the wrenches handle to provide full
use of the handle and achieve greatest leverage
Rotating screwdriver tabs –
Tab is located
for secure retention and allow full use of the
screwdriver handle
Stainless steel tab is corrosion resistant
Tab rotates freely 360° so the lanyard does not
wrap around the users hand
Nylon bushing has a shoulder so the tab will not
bind between the handle and shank bolster
Pipe wrenches
– We pin the tang of the
removable pipe wrench jaw so it cannot
become separated from the handle
Square drive tools and accessories –
Square drive tools are designed and manufactured
with spring loaded lock buttons. The lock button
engages with side lock holes drilled in sockets,
extensions, and adaptors ensuring positive retention.
Williams' socket
Competitor's socket
4 Holes
1 Hole
Williams T@H sockets, extensions, and adaptors feature a locking
hole on all four sides, not just one. Williams T@H ratchets and drive
tools feature a locking pin which mates with the side lock hole for
positive retention. This reduces the risk of misaligning the socket
that typical competitor’s sockets with just one side hole create.
Release pin with WTHPRT – Pin Release
Tool for William's Square Drive Tools
Do not use quick release tools with locking
collars or push button release. These tools
can be disengaged inadvertently.
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