Page 118 - Westwood Heating Products

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Gloves, nitrile, S26
Gloves, white canvas, S26
Goggles, splash, S26
GTO-15 Cable, E35
Guards, thermostat, E38 - E40
Hand pump, T5
Harvey, elements for, F4, F8, F9
Heat exchangers, H10 - H11
Heating oil additive, C1
Heating oil filters, F1 - F11
Hex key wrenches, T18
High pressure gauge glass, H2
High temperatue cable, E35
High temperature boots, E34
High temperature rope, S3
High voltage cable, E35
High volt terminals, E30 - E34
Honeywell, wells for, H8
Hose fitting, H8
Hot water thermometer, H7
HV-15 Cable, E35
HY-DRO-SOL water absorber, C3
Hydronic gauges, H7
Ignition cable, E35
Ignition terminals, E30 - E34
Ignition transformer tester, T11
Ignition wire, E35
Ignition, Auburn, E17 - E26
Ignition, Champion, E28, E29
Ignitor kits, E15, E16, S7, S8
Ignitors (electrodes), E1 - E29
Immersion wells, H8
Insulation, heat exchgrs, H11
Insulators, E1
Jumpers, T13
Key, radiator bleeder (vent), H8
Keys, hex, T18
Kit, blow down for McD & M, H4
Kit, dirt pocket cap, McD & M, H4
Kit, gauge glass repair, H3
Kit, Miller furnace oil line, S13
Kit, spill, S26
Kits, burner tune-up, S7, S8
Kits, cad cell flame detector, E37
Kits, circulator flange bolt, H4
Kits, circulator flange gasket, H4
Kits, CO2 blow out gun, T6
Kits, combustion testing, T8
Kits, couplings, S4, S6
Kits, electrode, E15, E16, S7, S8
Kits, filter canister upgrade, F11
Kits, heat exchanger insul., H11
Kits, NYLO-FLEX couplings, S6
Kits, Rajah terminals, E33
Leak tester, T12
Lennox, NYLO-FLEX for, S5
Light, thermostat, E41
Line voltage tester, T13
Lineman's pliers, T17
Liners, combustion chamber, S2
Lines, oil (nozzle), S13
Linkage, crank arm, S23
Lint and dust blower, T12
Liq. level probes, stainless, E27
Auburn, E25 - E26
Fulton boilers, H9
Liq. filled pressure gauges, S10
Low pres. diaph. gauges, S11
Low voltage tester, T13
Low water cut off, parts for, H4
MAGIC-PATCH tank patch, S13
Magnetic oil tank patch, S13
MAX-DRIVE v-belts, S1
McDonnell & Miller, parts for, H4
Miller furnace oil line kit, S13
MINT BLAST, odor absorber, C1
Mirrors, flame, T7
Mitco, elements for, F4, F8, F9
Motor couplings, S4
Motor, zone valve, E41
Mounting bkt., spin-on filter, F4
NASgauge nozzle tool, T14
Nitrile gloves, S26
Nozzle line fitting, Beckett, S13
Nozzle lines, S13
Nuts, gauge glass, H3
Nuts, wire, E36
NYLO-FLEX couplings, S5
Observation ports, S24
ODOR KILL, odor absorber, C3
Odor neutralizer, C1, C3
Oil burner blower wheels, S9
Oil de-aerator, S15 - S18
Oil line access port, T4
Oil line kit for Miller furnace, S13
Oil line safety valve, S20, S21
Oil lines, copper, S13
Oil lines, flexible, S19
Oil tank patch, S13
OSV valve, S20, S21
Pads, absorbent, S26
Paper wipes, S26
Paper, smoke test, T9
PETRO-CIDE, biocide, C3
Petro ignition assembly, E28
Pig tails, steam, H3
Pilot cleaner, T12
Pilot lighters, T7
PILOT PUFFER lint blower, T12
Plastic bags, S26
Plate heat exchanger, H10 - H11
Pleated paper elements, F9
Pliers, lineman's, T17
Plugs, by-pass, S13
Pocket thermometers, T13
Porcelain cutter, T17
Porcelains, E1
Ports, observation, S24
Pour point reducer, C1
Pres. tester, EASY ACCESS, T12
Pressure gauges, S10
Pressure-Vac. hand pump, T5
Probes, stainless steel, E27
Pump bleed wrench, T4
Pump cover gaskets, S12
Pump strainers, S12
Pump test, Suntec & Web., T2
Pump tester, Riello, T2, T3
Pump testers, T1 - T3
Pump, hand pressure-vac., T5
Pure-Oil filter elements, F8
Purolator, elements for, F8
Push rods, linkage, S23
PV pump, T5
Radiator bleeder (vent) key, H8
Radiator bleeders (vent), H8
Rags, polo, S26
Rajah terminal kits, E33
Rajah terminals, E30 - E33
Ray burner bakelite shield, E32
Red Line gauge glass, H2
Red rubber gasket material, H4
Reducer bushing, S4
Refractory chamber liners, S2
Refrigeration test gauges, S11
Riello by-pass plug, S13
Riello pump tester, T3
Riello, strainer for, S12
Rope, high temperature, S3
Rough service bulbs, E36
Rubber couplings, S4
Rubber gask. material, red, H4
Safety and spill supplies, S26
Safety glasses, S26
Sampling assem, CO2 test., T8
Saws, soot, S25
Screwdriver line volt tester, T13
Secondary filtration assem., F6
Set, hex key wrenches, T18
Sets, gauge glass, H3
Shoe covers, S26
Shovel, soot, S25
Sid Harvey, elements for, F4-F9
Sight glasses, S24
Silicone rubber boots, E34
Sliding handle bleed wrench, T4
Sludge solvent, C1
Smoke cartridges (candles), T13
Smoke sticks, T13
Smoke pen, T13
Smoke test paper, T9
Smoke testers, T9
Socks, absorbent, S26
Solderless terminals, E36
Solderless terminal kit, E36
Solvents, C2
SOLVIT spray solvent, C2
SOLVIT GREEN spray solvent, C2
SOOT SABER cleaning tool, S25
SOOTAWAY spray, C2
SOOTAWAY stick, C2
Soot remover, C2
Soot saws, S25
Soot shovel, S25
SOOT SNAKE vacuum hose, S25
Soot spray, C2
Soot stick, C2
Spark plugs, Champion, E29
Spill cleanup supplies, S26
Spill kit, S26
Spin-on filter bleeder fitting, F4
Spin-on filter gauges, F4
Spin-on filter mounting brkt, F4
Spin-on filter wrench, F4
Spin-on filters, F4
SPIRALINK couplings, H6
Splash goggles, S26
Spring terminals, E32
Stack thermometers, T10
Stainless heat exchangers, H10
Stainless steel probes, E27
Standard electrodes, E1
Steam boiler parts, H3, H4
Steam gauges, H7
Steam pig tails, H3
Strainers, pump, S12
Strippers, wire, T17, T18
Suntec by-pass plugs, S13
Suntec, strainers for, S12
Swivels, linkage, S23
System pressure tester, T12
Tank gauges, S22
Tank patch, S13
Tank valves, S22
Tankless coil gask. material, H4
Tankless coil tester, T12
Telescoping flame mirrors, T7
Telescoping pilot lighters, T7
Temperature gauges, H7
Terminal crimpers, T17, T18
Terminal, ceramic boots, E34
Terminals, high volt, E30 - E33
Terminals, ignition, E30 - E33
Terminals, Rajah, E30 - E33