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Before connecting the unit to main power, make sure the “SELECTOR” switch is in the “OFF” position. Set the
Pressuretrol “MAIN” scale (scale on the right hand side) to slightly less (about 5%) than expected designed pressure
of the system, and the differential setting marked “DIFF” (scale on the left hand side) to the pressure difference you
would like the system to switch from lead pump to lag pump. An an example: the system has been designed to op-
erate at 85 psi, set the main pressure at 80 psi. If the pressure should drop to 70 psi you wish the lead pump to
switch in the lag pump. Thus the differential pressure should be set at 10 psi (80 psi - 70 psi) = 10 psi.
Briefly turn on the system to check pump rotation (clockwise looking into the shaft), and set pump pressures at
system designed levels.
Once the system has been set up, power connected and pump rotating verified, the system can be checked as fol-
Turn on the system and allow the lead pump to run for several minutes. If in about 20 or 30 seconds
after turning the system on, the lead pump drops out, check pump pressure settings and Pressuretrol
MAIN” pressure setting. The Pressuretrol setting must be about 5% less than pump set pressure. If
all pressures check, and the lead pump still drops out, lower the Pressuretrol setting another 5% and
try again. If condition still continues, contact the factory at (502) 695-4400.
After the system lead pump has run for several minutes push the “TEST” button. The lead pump should
drop out, lag pump turn on, and the audible alarm sound.
Reset the system by turning the selector switch to “OFF” and back to its previous setting. The same
lead pump should be engaged. Allow to run for several minutes. Re-adjust pump pressure setting to
below designed pressure. The lead pump should drop out, lag pump turn on and the audio alarm
Turn off the system, set the proper pressures and turn the system back on. Your system should be
properly set.
Abide by all local electrical wiring codes in wiring the duplex systems.
Within the SPM-DA control box, at the bottom, just right of the Pressuretrol, is a terminal strip with ten terminals.
The left most terminal is terminal one (1) and the right most terminal is terminal ten (10). For 115 AC volts, single
phase systems, power is applied to terminal one (1) and terminal two (2). For 220 AC volt, single phase systems,
line 1 is applied to terminal one (1). The neutral line is applied to terminal two (2), and line 2 is applied to terminal
ten (10).
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