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SPMV Series Single and Duplex Supply Units
Webster SPMV singe and duplex supply units are
designed for high capacity applications where 430 to
GPH are required. Quite running, gear type
pumps are aviailable in four sizes and incorporated
hardened integral shafts, journals and gears, special
anti-friction bearings. Buna-N seals, and cast iron
gear plates. Standard motors ranging from 1/2 hp to
hp )373 w to 11.2 kw) are 1725 RPM NEMA “C”
face, 115 volt single-phase or 230 volt three-phase,
cycle type with TEFC enclosures through 2 hp
w) and OPDP enclosures over 2 hp (1490w).
Webster SPMV motor/pump high capacity fuel oil
supply units are designed to be used with fuels oils
including JP4. Fluid viscosities should not exceed
SUS. Suction should exceed 10” Hg. Inlet
pressures are rated at 34 PSI continously and 50 PSI
for short periods. The unit is designed to operate
in -29
F to +200
F conditions, depending on viscos-
ity of oil. The motor is precision aligned and coupled
to pump with machined adapter and flexible coupling.
to 1790 GPH with fluid viscosity to 10,000 SSU.
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