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Oil Safety Valve Tool
The Webster OSV Tool is intended to be used only during a fuel pump priming operation. The tool is very simple
to use and will hold the OSV open during priming.
Bulletin FU43-11
April 2006
Carefully position the tool stem perpendicular to the
OSV cover and above the OSV breathing hole.
Gently insert the stem through the breathing hole
until the tool stem touches the OSV diaphragm plate.
Keeping the tool face parallel to the OSV cover,
carefully rotate the tool and gently press on the
OSV cover. NOTE: It is important not to press the
tool too tight. Minimum pressure will hold the tool in
place while priming the fuel pump.
To remove the OSV tool, again carefully rotate and
lift straight off the OSV valve. Keep the tool face
parallel to the OSV cover.
CAUTION: As soon as priming is complete make
sure the OSV tool hase been removed.
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