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Fuel Pumps & Valves
Bulletin HP-3 Printed In U.S.A. 2006
When you buy Webster products, you buy total
service. Webster is the unique, single-source
supplier of an extensive line of heating products.
We manufacture fuel units, supply and transfer
pumps, valves and oil heat accessories.
Webster is committed to reliable servicing of its
products. As always, our field service people
provide professional schooling and make training
materials and demonstration units available for
We are ready to work with you to help solve your
specific heating problems. If you have any technical
questions, call our toll-free HELPLINE: (800) 766-1233.
The specifications contained in this bulletin were effective at the time of publishing.
Webster reserves the right to discontinue products at any time or to change
specifications or design without incurring any obligation. For current information,
contact Webster sales department.
Webster Fuel Pumps & Valves
Hahn Road
Frankfort, KY 40601
Tel: (502) 223-0025 Toll Free: (800) 766-1233
Fax: (502) 223-4629
E S Gallagher Sales LTD
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Toronto, Ontario Canada M6B 3Y1
Tel: (416) 789-5385
In Canada: (800) 430-6754
Fax: (416) 781-6734
Exclusive International Department
George Nikiforov Inc.
Park Ave., South, Suite 514
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