Page 87 - Webster Service Manual

Correct sizing of the suction and discharge lines
between the storage tank and supply unit is vital. The
use of tubing or pipe which is too small can result in
restricted oil supply. The following charts are listed to
help in line sizing for supply unit installation.
The charts can assist in determining the suggested min-
imum suction and discharge line sizes for Standard
Schedule 40 iron or steel pipe (IPS) and forType K cop-
per tubing, which is recommended for underground
To use the line sizing charts, first a supply unit must be
sized to meet the specific application. Once this has
been accomplished, the unit model number (ex. SPM-
should be used as a guide in referring to the correct
suction and/or discharge sizing charts.
The use of pipe or tubing which is too small can
cause increased frictional losses. The result could be an
inadequate system discharge pressure. Check local
and state codes pertaining to oil heating systems for
any requirements which may af fect the installation
and/or operation of the system.
The following charts apply to all SPM Single, SPM
Duplex Manual and SPM Duplex Automatic models.
These charts are not intended to be used in sizing pipe
for any other supply or transfer pump/motor units.
Charts represent maximum horizontal run vs. vertical
lift or vertical head for Standard Schedule 40 iron or
steel pipe (lPS) and for Type K copper tubing, recom-
mended for underground service. The actual OD and
wall thickness are indicated for each tube size. (NOTE:
The nominal size of Type K tubing is 1/8” smaller than
actual OD.)