Page 73 - Webster Service Manual

SPM Series pump/motor units consist of a fuel pump
direct coupled to a motor . an integral check valve and
combination vacuum/pressure gauge. They are
designed to supply fuel oil from a central storage tank to
remote heating units or auxiliary tanks.
SPM pumping units were developed to supply fuel oil to
one or more overhead furnaces, day tanks, or for under-
ground central distribution. Four pump/motor sizes are
available, with capacities of 15, 30, 65 and 135 gph (57,
114, 245
and 510 1/hr).1/6 hp,1/4 hp and 1/3 hp (124 W,
W and 248 W) motors are split phase available for
either 115 or 230 volt operation. 1/2 hp (373 W) motors
are capacitor start—induction run, totally enclosed with
dual 115/230 volt windings. The units are shipped com-
pletely assembled and include a gauge and check valve.
All are 60 cycle, 1750 rpm, continuous duty.
An abnormally low vacuum readingmay indicate an air leak in
the suction line, valves, or fittings. Generally , assume 0.75” of
vacuum for every foot of vertical lift, plus frictional tubing losses,
and other in-line restrictions.
When installing fuel units, to assure compliance with National
Fire Protection Association's Bulletin 31, “Installation of Oil
BurningEquipment,” fuel unit inlet pressures should not exceed