Page 49 - Webster Service Manual

Replacing A Style and B Style Units
Discontinued A Style and B Style R Series fuel units
can be replaced with minimal changes in most installa-
tions. Fuel unit model code numbers and rotation
arrows are stamped on the top of the body casting.
two-pipe systems
and in
one-pipe, gravity feed sys-
current C Style and D Style units can be mount-
ed in any position to facilitate easiest piping.
one-pipe,non-gravity feed systems
where the
mounting positions are limited), an extra length of pipe
or tubing must be connected to the nozzle line to reach
the fuel unit nozzle port. See previous page for permit-
ted mounting positions.
Preferred installation calls for use of flare tube fittings
on al I connections. Be certain all plugs and connec-
tions are secure and leak-tight.
Rotated 270°
Nozzle Up:
All Two Pipe Systems,
or One Pipe Gravity
Feed Systems Only
Body Styles
A (CW) & C (CCW)
LH Nozzle, Viewed
From Shaft End)
Body Styles
B (CCW) & D (CW)
RH Nozzle, Viewed
From Shaft End)
To Vent Pump:
Loosen Gauge Port Plug
For Use as Gauge Port:
Remove Plug to install
Pipe Threaded Gauge
Pumps Without
Special Vent Fitting