Page 2 - Webster Service Manual

This Webster
Service Technician's Handbook is
supplied as a service to our customers, dealers and
installers. It represents our efforts to share with them
our experiences of many years with our products
in the field, and to also provide condensed catalog
information to you on Webster products.
This booklet is not intended to be all-inclusive, or
to be directly applicable to products manufactured
by any other company.
It remains the complete responsibility of all parties
involved in the design and installation of any system
involving Webster products to insure that the
design and installation of the system is correct for
the individual circumstances, and that the system
is installed in compliance with all applicable codes,
standards, regulations or other restrictions.
Neither Webster, nor any of its authorized repre-
sentatives, assume any responsibility , obligation
or liability relating to the design and/or installation
of any systems utilizing Webster component parts,
and nothing contained in this ServiceTechnician's
Handbook should be construed as constituting
any extension of its standard W arranty Policy as
stated in this booklet.
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