Page 18 - Webster Service Manual

Filter Use
Both the Webster M and R Series contain an internal
rotary filter. In addition to this filter , it is recommended
that an external filter be us ed. The self cleaning rotary
filter is designed to prolong fuel unit life and reduce fuel
unit maintenance. It is not intended to be a replacement
for the external filter.
Use of non-hardening oil pipe dope is
recommended on threads of all fittings. Do not loosen or
try to tighten any pump plugs not to be used in the
installation. Do not use Teflon Tape. Evidence of teflon
tape use will be cause to void all warranties.
The following procedure has been established to help
save on service time and needless work when checking
a “no heat” service call.This procedure is intended to be
used by qualified heating service technicians only.
Check the thermostat to make sure that corrosion,
dust or other foreign matter are not causing faulty con-
tact and switches are properly set.
Check both the main fuses and the oil burner circuit
fuses. Replace if required.
Check the oil supply and the shut-of f valve in the oil
line. Adequate oil and open valve are required.
Open the door of the heating plant and see if there is
raw oil on the walls of the combustion chamber
Leave the inspection door open and press the burner
oil reset button.
Check the oil burner controls in accordance with the
oil burner manufacturer's instructions.
If at any point on the foregoing checks the burner
operates, observe it for two or three complete cycles to
determine whether the stoppage may occur.
If the burner does not operate, check to see if motor ,
fan and pump shaft are all rotating.
If there is oil spray but no ignition, check all electrical
connections and the transformer.
If the electrical connections and transformer are
operating properly, remove the firing assembly and
check the electrodes for coking, spading, and cracked
While the firing assembly is out of the heating plant,
clean or replace nozzle.
If no oil spray appears, check the line filter and the
fuel unit, using vacuum and pressure gauges.