Page 102 - Webster Service Manual

High Capacity AC Motor/Pump Units
Designed for high capacity applications where 430-
gph are required. Quiet running, gear type pumps
are available in four sizes and incorporate hardened
integral shafts, journals and gears, special anti friction
bearings, Buna N seals, and cast iron gear plates.
Standard motors ranging from 1/2 hp to 7.5 hp (373 W
to 5.6 kw) are 1725 rpm NEMA“C” face, 115 volt single-
phase or 230 volt three-phase, 60 cycle type withTEFC
enclosures through 2 hp (1490 W) and OPDP enclo-
sures over 2 hp (1490 W).
Webster AC motor/pump high capacity fuel oil supply
units are designed to be used with fuel oils including
JP4 whose viscosities do not exceed 6,000 S.U.S. and
with a suction less than 10” of mercury or an inlet pres-
sure not to exceed 35 psi continuously (capable of
intermittent duty at 10,000 S.U.S., 20” of mercury and
psi inlet). The unit is designed to operate in -20°F to
+200°F conditions. The motor is precision aligned and
coupled to the pump with a machined adapter and flex-
ible couplings.