Page 101 - Webster Service Manual

to confirm pressure settings are identical. Shut of f all
burners. Pressure at any oil safety valve in system must
not exceed maximum operating pressure of 60 psi,
when supply pump is running and all burners are of f.
The electrical connections between the pump/motor
assemblies and control panel are made at the factory .
Connect electric service to the terminal strip in the con-
trol panel using conduit and wire sizes as required by
local codes.
Control circuits operate on 1 15 volts. Always connect
white neutral wire to Terminal 2. Never connect 230 volts
between Terminal L1 and Terminal 2. Green ground wire
from power source should be connected to one of the
panel mounting screws.
SPM-135-DA motors are dual voltage and
are prewired for 230 volts at factory . To operate on 115
volts, consult motor manufacturer 's instructions accom-
panying unit for proper wiring. Before starting unit, check
motor voltage and confirm that 115 volt motors are wired
to panel as shown in Figure One with Terminal 2 and
Terminal L2 Jumper and that 230 volt motors are wired
as shown in Figure Two without Terminal 2 and Terminal
L2 Jumper.
Figure 1 —
Volt Motor
Figure 2 —
Volt Motor