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About the Tribe

Tribal invents parts. We make parts. We market parts. But, Tribal

is more than the sum of its parts. We are a tribe. And, we don’t

just fight for your business – we fight alongside you, to help you

win new customers and grow your business. When you choose

Tribal, you join our tribe and we join yours.

Who is the Tribe?

Tribal is a highly automated, quality-focused inventing,

machining and manufacturing company with a remarkable

infrastructure and equipment list. More important, Tribal is

good people. In a time when most other companies like Tribal

have shut their doors or moved their operations, Tribal stands

resolute. We are proud to serve you as a quality manufacturer in

the heart of Michigan, USA.

What is the Tribe?

Tribal is one of the most efficient and capable machining

operations in the world, giving us world class quality and

world class pricing. We are fast and automated due to our

multi-generational industry experience and impressive fleet of

equipment. We are also nimble and can master smaller orders,

customized parts and fast turn-around times for new product

and project development. We are cost efficient. We have low

overhead to help control costs. Nevertheless, we still have an

innovative development staff that allows us to add value to your

organization with new ideas and value engineering.

Why the name Tribal?

We like the idea of partnerships. It is in God’s plan, we believe,

that man is able to achieve more working together than he is

alone. Whether it is through a family or a company or a country

or a tribe, when we work together on a common cause, great

things can happen …and rather quickly too. This basic idea

makes sense to us. It is what we want for those who work at

Tribal. It is what we want for our customer relationships. We

want great things to happen for you. And —we liked the name!

Why join the Tribe?

Tribal understands that businesses are built on reputations, and they are not built overnight. To build your business, you first build your

reputation. Your success was built one brick, one sale at a time. We understand that struggle and want to assist you with it, to help your

business grow into the future. When you choose Tribal, you hire the tribe.