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hose barb fittings




Tribal offers a variety of styles of hose barb fittings including

elbows, tees and adapters. Hose barb fittings can be used with

any tubing soft enough to accept a clamp style connection,

including vinyl and rubber.


Temperature: -40°F to 160°F

Working Pressure: 150 psi. Do not exceed the recommended pressure rating of the tubing used.

Installation Instructions

Cut tubing square and slide hose clamp onto the hose end.

Push the barbed fitting into the hose until the end of the hose

reaches the hex or stop ring. A non-petroleum lubricant may

be used to assist in inserting the fitting into the tube. Move

hose clamp over hose and barb and tighten the clamp with

the appropriate tool (depending on the style of clamp) until a

positive connection is made.

Do not over tighten.