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Any tool that weights more than 5 pounds should be attached to an anchor
point such as a work platform or utility bucket rather than the operator.
tools at height
Coil Tether Extensions
• Stays out of the way when not needed
• Stainless steel braiding coated in a wipeable vinyl
• Certifi d, load-rated carabiners
• Performs extremely well around heat
High quality, load rated carabiners
are used
on coil tethers. These feature screw gate closures to
prevent accidental opening. They also feature
Coil-Lock rings that prevent the carabiner from being
separated from the tether. Use this type of tether when
working near heat.
Double Trigger Coil Extension 18”
compact design of the Double Trigger Coil
Extension makes it the perfect lanyard to be
used from Wristbands.
Vinyl coated braided steel allows the tether to
perform well around heat and sharp objects,
while also making clean-up/decontamination
easy. Trigger snaps on both sides of the lanyard
make connecting to attachment points effortless,
even while wearing safety gloves.
Sold in 10 packs only
Hook2Quick Ring Coil with 17” Tail
Designed to be used with longer handled
tools. The vinyl-coated braided steel makes
the tether durable, easy to clean, and work
well around heat.
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