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Any tool that weights more than 5 pounds should be attached to an anchor
point such as a work platform or utility bucket rather than the operator.
tools at height
Wrench with safety coil
- Secure lanyard attachments need to
withstand tough site use, including low temperature, so structural
integrity is critical
Superior design - no welds to fail
High performance - made from polished stainless steel, they
have superior flex bility and shock-absorbing qualities over
welded attachments
Seven sizes available to support wrenches up to 1½” or 55mm
Slides out of the way along the wrenches handle to provide full
use of the handle and achieve greatest leverage
Rotating screwdriver tabs
– tab is located for
secure retention and allow full use of the screw-
driver handle
Stainless steel tab is corrosion resistant
Tab rotates freely 360° so the lanyard does not
wrap around the users hand
Nylon bushing has a shoulder so the tab will not
bind between the handle and shank bolster
Pipe wrenches
– We pin the tang of the removable
pipe wrench jaw so it cannot become separated from
the handle
Square drive tools and accessories
– Square drive
tools are designed and manufactured with spring
loaded lock buttons. The lock button engages with side
lock holes drilled in sockets, extensions, and adaptors
ensuring positive retention.
Snap-on Industrial Brands Tools at Height Program
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