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tools at height
Industry regulations exist to protect people from falling, but no such guidance
exists for protecting individuals from dropped objects, the fourth highest cause of death in the
workplace. The Tools at Height program from Snap-on Industrial Brands offers both safety and
productivity and uniquely addresses this critical gap. Tools at Height is Snap-on Industrial Brands’
tethered tool program designed for applications that involve work being performed at height and
anywhere dropped or lost objects are a concern; the tools are tethered to prevent them from
being dropped. All tools are designed with a tethered system to maintain or enhance the tools’
functionality when used at height or near critical assemblies.
Many applications
- any industry where a dropped tool could harm personnel, damage
machinery or cost production time.
High level uses - drilling derricks, wind turbines, cranes, buildings, bridges, masts, power
lines, hangars, scaffold builders
Low level uses - stop tools dropping onto fli ht hardware, into engines, machinery, food
production lines, vats, mine shafts, ven under water uses
If you call it this…
Foreign Object Damage
Foreign Material Exclusion
Drop Mitigation
Stop Drops
Working at Heights
You need this…the Snap-on Industrial Brands Tools at Height program!
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