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Any tool that weights more than 5 pounds should be attached to an anchor
point such as a work platform or utility bucket rather than the operator.
tools at height
Double Trigger Extension
are a perfect
tether solutions for small tools. Pull down on the
trigger to open the dual-hooked connector, then
release once latched to a tool. Double Trigger
Extensions come in varying lengths.
Sold in 10 packs only
Product Code
Length Load Rating
12 in
10 lbs
24 in
10 lbs
36 in
10 lbs
WTHT2T0.5X18NC10PK 18 in
2 lbs
A djustable Radio Holster
is specially
designed to adjust perfectly to the size of
virtually any portable radio, as well as other
small devices such as cell phones and cameras.
A unique mounting system allows the holster to
attach easily to harnesses and tool belts.
(Includes holster and Clip2Loop
Coil Tether)
Bottle / Spray Can Holster
has a side-
release composite buckle. Adjustable strap allows
the holster to conform to the size of your water
bottle. Perfect for water bottles, spray paint cans,
and other aerosol spray cans.
Holsters with Harness
are built with an
internal magnet, allowing for quick tool access
while also protecting your tool from accidental
(Tools sold separately)
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