Snap-on CAT3 - page 163

• High-polished chrome finish cleans easily.
• Ratchet lever is easily accessible for quick direction changes.
• SUPERTORQUE® corners on box ends provide extra
turning power.
• Available in Standard, Flex-Head and Stubby styles to suit
every need.
• Fine tooth design with dual-pawl mechanism for extra strength.
• Flex-Head models feature 90 degree pivot in either direction.
• Stubby models feature extra short handles for access in
tight areas.
• J. P. Johansson, founder of Bahco, invented the adjustable wrench
which is now found all over the world. Bahco
alone has produced more than 100 million adjustables.
• Snap-on Industrial Brands offers the largest variety of adjustable
wrenches in the industry: ergonomically designed, Big Mouth,
combination adjustable pipe wrench, construction;
chrome and black finish, comfort grip and standard handles.
• All models thru 18" feature measurement scale on head
that conveniently shows fastener size.
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