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Catalog Guide
Standard Equipment
Under this heading a specification is given for each type of
tool and of the parts (nipples, keys, guards, etc.) supplied with
the tool.
A parts list and safety and instruction manual are always
included in the package with every tool.
Air Consumption
The air consumption of the tools is stated in cubic feet per
minute (cfm) and liters per second, l/s, and relates to free air,
i.e., the compressed air expanded to atmospheric pressure.
Unless otherwise stated, the figures are valid at a working
pressure of 90 psig (6.2 bar) and indicate the maximum air
consumption unless otherwise stated.
Maximum air consumption for non-governed tools is achieved
at free speed when the tool is running at no load. A tool with
governed speed control has the maximum air consumption at
the maximum power output.
The tool speeds are indicated in revolutions per minute, (rpm),
and indicate the free speed, i.e., the speed at which the tool
runs at no load and at a working pressure of 90 psig (6.2
bar), unless otherwise specified. The speed at maximum
output is estimated as 50% of the idling speed for non-
governed tools and 80-90% of the idling speed for tools with
governed speed control.
Model Number
Many tools have very similar performance characteristics.
These subtle differences are often indicated by the addition of
letters after the model number.
Weight and Length
The weight of the tools is listed in both pounds (lb) and
kilograms (kg), and the length is listed in both inches (in) and
millimeters (mm).
Side to Center
This measurement is taken from the center of the tool to the
outside edge. It is useful for applications requiring the tool to
fit into a precise or limited space.
Sound Level
In the field of ergonomics, sound level is very important to the
safety and well-being of the operator. Sound levels are listed,
where applicable, in decibels dB(A).
Quick Conversion Chart
1 in
= 0.0254 m
1 m
= 39.3701 in
1 m
= 3.2808 ft
1 in
= 25.4 mm
1 ft
= 304.8 mm
1 mm = 0.03937 in
1 lb
= 0.4536 kg
1 kg
= 2.2046 lb
1 kpm = 9.8067 Nm
1 ft lb
= 1.3558 Nm
1 in lb
= 0.1130 Nm
1 Nm = 0.1020 kpm
1 Nm = 0.7376 ft lb
1 bar
= 100 kPa
1 kg/cm2 (at)= 98.0665 kPa
1 psi
= 6.8948 kPa
1 kPa
= 0.145 psi
1 kPa
= 0.01 bar
1 kPa
= 0.0101972 kg/cm2 (at)
1 kgm/s = 9.8067 w
1 hp
= 745.7 w
1 kw
= 101.972 kgm/s
1 kw
= 1.3410 hp
1 m3/min = 16.6667 l/s
1 cfm = 0.4720 l/s
1 m3/h
= 0.2778 l/s
1 l/s
= 2.1189 cfm
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