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Read and follow all safety and operating instructions.
Face & eye protection must be worn while operating power tools, per ANSI B186.1
The FastestWay Out of a Clinch
Sioux Tool’s new rapid reverse Clinch Nut Tools are meeting the
demand of today’s manufacturing marketplace with versatility
and simplicity. Clinch nuts, also known as captive nuts, provide
a reliable means of securing assembly components in thin wall
applications. These unique fasteners are inserted into predrilled
holes in thin materials such as sheet metal, and with the aid of
a Sioux Clinch Nut Tool, compress and expand to clamp the
material. This process creates a strong, secure base with a male
or female thread for assembling additional components.
Installing Clinch Nut Fasteners
When installing clinch nut fasteners, the key to achieving high
productivity with accurate, repeatable results is matching the
right tool and fastener to your application. The right combination
of rundown speed and stall torque in conjunction with a quick
reverse method for disengaging the tool, will provide the best
results. The Sioux SCN series tools offer higher torque in a
wide range of speeds so you can match the right tool to your
application. Our powerful tools allow you to use faster rundown
speeds while maintaining high torque output, plus our exclusive
Rapid Reverse feature makes short work of direction changes
ensuring fast disengagement from the fastener.
Reducing Physical Load
The ergonomic pistol housing with comfort rubber grip ensures
operator comfort while maintaining superb balance and control.
The powerful, precision motor ensures fast and consistent
installation of fasteners in a variety of applications, and the wide
selection of speeds and threads in both English and metric sizes
make Sioux Tools your choice for all your clinch nut applications.
Step 1
– Pre-drill hole for fastener.
Step 2
– Insert fastener.
Step 3
– Thread tool into fastener.
Step 4
– Run tool to collapse fastener.
Reverse tool to release.
Step 5
– Assemble.
Clinch Nut Installation Procedure
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