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We’re MakingA Big Impact
Impact wrenches are the true workhorses of industrial power
tools. These incredibly powerful tools make easy work of any
job in a variety of applications. Before the creation of impact
tools, workers had to manually strike a hammer against a hand
wrench in order to loosen or tighten nuts or bolts. They could
only manage a few blows per minute. But today’s impact
wrenches can exert more powerful blows, and some can
produce over 2000 blows per minute. This is accomplished
by using the energy of compressed air and converting the
motor’s torque into a rapid series of powerful rotary impacts.
Choice of Configuration
Sioux Tools, offers Industrial and Force Impact Wrenches and
Impact Drivers in a wide variety of configurations to meet your
specific applications. In order to select the correct impact
tool for your job requirements, you must take into account
several factors including fastener size and grade, required
torque output, and accessibility. Choosing the right mix of
features such as handle configuration, type of retainer, torque
output, anvil length, and drive size will make operators more
productive, with less risk of discomfort and/or injury.
Industrial Impact Tools
Built to a higher level of quality, Sioux Industrial Impact
Wrenches and Impact Drivers are built a step above the
standard. Manufactured from the highest quality materials, and
utilizing the most advanced motor and clutch designs, these
tools are constructed to hold up under continuous use in the
toughest working environments.
Our extensive lineup of impact tools includes a wide selection
of important features including:
• Ball & Cam or Twin Hammer impact mechanisms
• Inline, pistol grip, or D-handle configurations
• Pin, friction ring, quick change, or thru hole socket
• Standard or extended anvils
In addition, Sioux offers a wide range of performance
levels and characteristics to ensure a perfect match to your
application. With drive sizes ranging from 1/4" (6 mm) to 1-1/2"
(38 mm), and torque outputs up to 2500 ft lb (3390 Nm), finding
the tool to meet your performance requirements will be simple.
Impact Wrench
Principles of Operation
An impact wrench delivers a series of rotary blows to a
fastener, producing torque.
The action of the torque creates clamp force in an assembly.
Interaction of the motor, clutch and drive-end determine the
type of application an impact wrench can handles.
The advantages of impact wrenches are a high power-to
weight ratio, fast rundown, and no torque reaction
to operator.
Class of Service
High production – automobile assembly plants, farm and
construction equipment, etc.
Low production – large machinery assembly
Maintenance or repair work
Job Conditions
Hard pull-up – rigid joint
Soft pull-up – spring joint
Run-down – free running, or prevailing torque (lock nut, self
threading screw)
Rubber or plastic
Assembly Method
General tightening – operator judgement
Turn-of-the-nut – permanent assemblies (steel erection and
construction equipment)
If it takes five seconds or longer to reach final tightness,
a larger wrench should be used.
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