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Combining Efficiency,Reliability andValue…
Putting it all together
To keep up with the rapidly growing demands of modern
assembly applications, Sioux Tools remains on the cutting edge
of engineering design. We continue to be innovative in creating
new tools to provide faster rundown speeds with exceptional
accuracy and consistent torque delivery, combined with
ergonomic design for operator comfort and safety.
We build every tool to help assembly operators become more
productive. We believe they deserve tools that will help improve
their quality of performance and maximize the skills they bring to
the job.
Exclusive Designs
Sioux Tools is the exclusive manufacturer of the Z-handle. This
unique feature allows access to tight, hard to reach angles.
Impact Wrenches
Suitable for general assembly, repair jobs etc. When you require
a powerful, lightweight tool, with little reaction force and moderate
accuracy. This is the best choice for loosening joints.
Sioux Tools offers a wide range of screwdrivers designed to meet
today’s fast paced, high output assembly and manufacturing
Sioux offers nutrunners that are designed for high volume
industrial production. You can choose from free speeds of up to
2200 rpm, and a torque range of up to 600 in lb (68 Nm). These
are outstanding tools for fast accurate assembly.
Assembly Safety
Broken sockets, bits and adapters can cause injury.
Proper eye protection must be worn at all times by tool user and
bystanders. Use only sockets, bits and adapters made for power
tools and that are in good condition. Use only bits and adapters
that are in good condition. Keep hands away from sockets, bits
and adapters.
Sudden and unexpected tool movement can cause injury.
Be sure your body position allows you to have control of the
tool at all times. Make sure your footing is secure. Consult
manufacturer for proper reaction bar if movement is excessive.
Tools starting unexpectedly can cause injury.
Always remove the tool from air supply and activate trigger
to bleed air line before making any adjustments, changing
accessories, or doing any maintenance or service on the tool.
Falling tools can cause injury.
If the tool is used with a balancer or other suspension device, be
sure the tool is firmly attached to the device.
Assembly Principles of Operation
An air motor and planetary reduction gearing are used to drive a
clutch spindle, producing torque in a fastener.
The action of the torque creates clamp-load in the assembly.
Motor size (horsepower), gear ratio, and type of clutch determine
performance, and are key factors in selecting the appropriate
tool for a given application.
Generally equipped with a 1/4" female hexagon spindle that
allows inserting a screwdriver bit.
Sioux Tools offers a wide range of screwdrivers and nutrunners
designed to meet today’s fast paced, high output assembly
and manufacturing applications. Sioux Tools is able to provide
a perfect match for any job requirement. As industries strive to
reduce fastener requirements, we work to meet the demand for
greater accuracy and precision in fastening performance. The
productivity demands for quality and speed, as well as user
comfort, convenience and safety make Sioux Tools your number
one choice.
Sioux screwdrivers are available in pistol grip, inline, right angle
and our exclusive Z-handle configurations. Most screwdriver
models offer your choice of Quick Change or Locking Internal
Hex spindles. The spring-loaded chuck on the Quick Change
allows for fast, easy bit changes without the need for additional
tools or hardware. The slimmer design of the Locking Internal
Hex ensures that the bit stays firmly in place until you choose to
remove it with the aid of a vise or pliers.
Reducing Physical Load
We design all our screwdrivers with ergonomics in mind. We help
you get the job done with a minimum amount of effort and wear
and tear on the operator. By reducing the physical load on the
operator, which includes noise and oil mist, productivity will be
improved. Sioux Tools offers many benefits including high torque
accuracy, low sound levels and ergonomic grips. Fast clutch
shutoff reduces reaction force, while the shape reduces the
amount of gripping and trigger force required.
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