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We’re Making A

Big Impact

Impact wrenches are the true workhorses of industrial power tools.

These incredibly powerful tools make easy work of any job in a

variety of applications. Before the creation of impact tools, workers

had to manually strike a hammer against a hand wrench in order to

loosen or tighten nuts or bolts. They could only manage a few blows

per minute. But today’s impact wrenches can exert more powerful

blows, and some can produce up to 1,200 blows per minute. This is

accomplished by using the energy of compressed air and converting

the motor’s torque into a rapid series of powerful rotary impacts.

Choice of Configuration

Sioux Tools offers Force Impact Wrenches and Impact

Drivers in a wide variety of configurations to meet

your specific needs. Choosing the right mix of

features such as handle configuration, type

of retainer, torque output, anvil length,

and drive size will make operators

more productive, with less risk of

discomfort and/or injury.

Built Tough

Built to a higher level of quality, Force Impact Wrenches and Impact

Drivers are built a step above the standard. Manufactured from high

quality materials, and utilizing the most advanced motor and clutch

designs, these tools are constructed to hold in the toughest working


High Quality

Force Impact Wrenches and Impact Drivers provide a high quality,

cost-effective choice for your impact requirements. Featuring one of

the widest selections of impact tools for general industry, Sioux Force

impacts reach all aspects of the maintenance and repair market and

beyond to manufacturing applications. With drive sizes ranging from,

1/4" (6 mm) to 1" (25 mm), including hex quick change drives, and

torque outputs up to 2700 ft lb (3661 Nm), finding the tool to meet

your performance requirements will be simple.

Our extensive lineup of impact tools includes a wide selection of

important features including:

• Twin Hammer, Pin or Roller Cam impact mechanisms

• Inline, pistol grip, or D handle configurations

• Pin, friction ring, quick change, or thru hole socket retainers

• Standard or extended anvils