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1101 S. Prairie Ave. PO Box 148 Waukesha, WI 53187
Phone 262-547-3500 1-800-347-3501 Fax 262-547-3927
Standard Coatings
The general-purpose coating for cutting,
forming, injection molding as well as
tribiological applications
High Performance PVD Tool Coatings
Specialty Coatings
Swiss-Tek Services
With high-volume coating, job coaters apply the
same coating to all parts in the batch, regardless of
their type or application. Swiss-Tek applies dedicated
coatings optimized for each application. Small batch
sizes ensure fast turn-around times!
Special gradient coating. Self-
lubrication as its own coating
or on the top of an appropriate
hard coating.
Conventional carbon nitride coating:
For interrupted cutting
For milling and tapping
For stamping, punching and forming
The tough Multipurpose coating for
interrupted cutting, milling, tapping,
stamping, forming and hobbing.
The new universal high performance
coating for cutting (drilling, milling,
reaming, turning). Also suitable for dry
Special high-performance coating for
dry high speed machining. AITiN per-
formance surpasses all conventional
coatings when machining cast iron and
hardened steel.
Standard TiN
For all tools
and parts
Standard TiN
For milling
TiAIN for
end mills
Special TiCN
for punches
and dies
CBC: carbon-based coating
DLC: diamond-like carbon
PVD tool coatings are
typically applied between
2-4 microns. This may vary
according to tool type.
PVD coatings are applied
at a temperature of 450 de-
grees C/840 degrees F under
high vacuum.
Coating Requirements
All carbide and HSS (M-
series and T-series) includ-
ing powder metal types.
Tool, die, and mold steels
may be coated if they have
been properly tempered
prior to coating. Other
materials are possible,
please inquire
Structure of Gradient Coating
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