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Hand Drawn
Hand drawn brushes are typically used in more aggressive applications where a very se-
cure mounting of the bristle is essential.
Reasons for Hand Drawing Brushes:
Brush Core
Core material is metallic or a very brittle substrate for staple set construction.
Core material is flexible or too soft for staple set construction.
Core material is incompatible with bristle for fused construction.
Core cross-section is too thin for staple set.
Specialized Geometries
Bristles may be applied in geometric profiles not available in other construction types.
Examples: Straight, Staggered or Chevron.
Harsh Environments
Heat, caustics, and other environmental issues often require hand drawn construction.
Wear Life
Hand drawing is always the best choice when high wear issues are a factor. With
hand drawn products you only purchase the brush core once, then return the core
and we will refill your brush with new bristle at a fraction of the new cost.
Compared to staple set brushes hand drawn brushes can be refilled many times.
Schaefer Brush
Staple Set & Hand Drawn Brushes
Section 14-2
Staple Set
Staple set brushes are very common in both industrial and consumer settings. With their
wide range of uses and shapes, they fulfill a vast array of tasks. Some traits of this brush
type are as follows;
Brush Core
Core materials cannot be too hard or too soft. Typically thicker for staple penetration.
Bristle Styles
Both man-made and natural materials may be used in staple set brushes. They are
available in a wide range of textures, styles, colors and diameters.
Staple materials are tailored to meet your specific application needs.
Replace or Refill
Staple set brushes can be refilled a limited number of times at a reduced cost.
Prototypes or Production Runs
Automated equipment produce a variety of staple set brushes in high volume.
Specialized, one of a kind, items are also available.
Custom Brushes can be made to your
specifications. Call for Details!
Staple Set
Hand Drawn
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