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1101 S. Prairie Ave. PO Box 148 Waukesha, WI 53187
Phone 262-547-3500 1-800-347-3501 Fax 262-547-3927
Mounting Methods
Metal back strip brushes can be mounted either by
an alligator clip or an extruded aluminum holder.
The prongs on the alligator clip wrap around the
brush to allow a tight hold on a section of the
strip brush. Metal back strip brushes slide into an
extruded aluminum holder for mounting pur-
poses. Aluminum holders are extruded in various
end view shapes to match a specific application.
See page 67 & 68.
Trim Profile
Shaved End
Standard and most
common trim shape.
Reduces brush resistance
and conforms to surface
being brushed.
Made to utilize ends
of strip as a mounting
Less density at surface
with back-up support.
Uniform brush contact
for irregular or uneven
Metal Back Strips
Alligator Clip
Aluminum Holder
Custom Trims Available!
Channel backing width and height may vary depending on fill amount!
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