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Schaefer Brush
Metal Back Strip Brushes
Section 14
Metal back strip brush products can be found in
industries performing tasks both simple and
complex. The brushes can be simple in form such as
straight strip or formed. All metal back strip brushes
will have the following common attributes:
Metallic strip/backing
(Sizes ranging from #3 to #10 backing) See page
66. The metal strip is available in galvanized or
stainless steel. The size backing typically works
in harmony with the desired bristle diameter and
Core wire
Retaining wire within the formed metal strip is
available in both galvanized or stainless steel.
Bristle styles
Some are more common than others but bristle
choice can be tailored to your specific needs to
assure the desired results.
Specialized geometries
(The shape shifter of the
brush world) All metal back strip brushes start from
straight strip. Due to the malleable nature of strip
a variety of shapes can be formed.
Custom brushes can be made to your specifications. Call for details!
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