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A. Elevation Screws
All S-VECO units incorporate some form of elevating or
lifting mechanism. Standard units have elevator screws with hand
wheels. Special units are available with electric or hydraulic
actuators, which are either cycled manually or tied into various
types of sensing devices and an electronic controller.
The use of sensing devices and controllers has become popular on
S-VECO units in high production applications such as Steel Mills,
Foundries, and Glass Plants.
B. Hand Drawn Tufted Construction
These unique, continuous brushes are made by hand sewing the
tufts into standard “B” or “D” section rubber Uni-V belts.
Hand drawing is the most secure method of tufting, minimizing
tuft loss or “shedding” (See picture B,
pg 36
C. Brush Tension Device
This device is a screw driven, slide assembly that positions the
large, outside, non-driven sheave for proper tension on the brush.
This device simplifies the process for releasing tension on the
brush to facilitate brush replacement and tensioning. Proper ten-
sion prolongs brush life.
D. Self Cleaning Brush
S-VECO brushes are mounted on three grooved pulley sheaves.
The brush is driven at approximately 1000 SFM. The benefit of a
continuous brush belt traveling on 6” or 7” sheaves causes the
brush pattern to open up as the brush courses around the pulley,
as seen in the photo above. Combining the “opening” of the pat-
tern with centrifugal force created by the brush speed, results in a
self cleaning brush
E. Brush Stability
Idler sheaves are located at regular intervals between the two
large sheaves. Sheaves are adjustable up or down to suit the
application and to facilitate contouring of the brush. Proper
adjustment of the idler sheaves insures maximum brush contact
across its entire length. Proper positioning of the idlers also allows
the S-VECO to be used for either top or bottom cleaning without
additional hardware.
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