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1101 S. Prairie Ave. PO Box 148 Waukesha, WI 53187
Phone 262-547-3500 1-800-347-3501 Fax 262-547-3927
Why is This Transverse Linear Brushing Action So
Much More Effective Than Any Other Method?
In a top or bottom surface brushing application, scrapers, strip and
revolving brushes tend to build up with debris. With the S-VECO
Linear Cleaning System, the brush moves the debris to the side where
it can easily be collected and removed.
Simple Installation & Adjustment
Installation flexibility is an important design advantage of the
S-VECO. Units can be bolted or welded in place for top or bottom
brushing through the use of standard mounting brackets that are
included with each unit.
Quick adjustment for brush contact or brush tension is
accomplished through elevating screws and belt tension devices.
Custom units with electric, hydraulic or pneumatic devices and
electronic controls are also available.
Low Maintenance
The amount of maintenance required and the ease with
which it is done have been addressed in the S-VECO Linear
Cleaning Systems. Brush replacement or adjustment is a simplified
operation. By merely adjusting the elevating screws and/or the
brush tension assembly, the brush can be quickly and easily
removed for replacement or tightened for proper tension. All
models have sealed bearings.
About The S-VECO
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