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1101 S. Prairie Ave. PO Box 148 Waukesha, WI 53187
Phone 262-547-3500 1-800-347-3501 Fax 262-547-3927
Schaefer Brush
S-VECO Linear Cleaner
Section 9
The Concept
Linear’s unique, effective and efficient! This S-VECO system is the only linear system designed to be “self cleaning”. The brush
belt operates in a perpendicular or transverse direction to the item being brushed, utilizing a powered Uni-V Belt, tufted with brush fibers that
will best suit the application. The brush belt travels at a 90 degree angle across a series of sheaves. As it passes over the sheave, the opening of
the brush fiber allows debris to be removed by force and easily collected. Each unit includes designed framework and is built for your specific
Suggested Applications:
Conveyor Belt Cleaning
Mold Car Sweep
Panel Cleaning
Apply or Remove Coatings
Transporting items/material handling applications.
Custom brushes can be made to your specifications. Call for details!
Versatile! Can be used in many different
applications and industries.
Call Schaefer Brush Today!
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