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For Primary Drain Line & Auxiliary Drain Pan
or Auxiliary Drain Outlet & Auxiliary Drain Pan
SS 103 E
Dual Sensors for
Extra Protection
Simple 2-Wire Design
Onboard LED Indicator
Connect toYellowWire
• 5
Amp Carrying
No Moving Parts
UL 508
SS 103 E - Product #97692
The Electronic Condensate Over ow Switch contains
low power consuming, state-of-the-art microelectronics.
SS103E can be installed horizontally or vertically, inline
or on the primary pan’s auxiliary drain outlet by using
the included ¾” adapter, bushing and cap. An additional
sensor can be installed in the auxiliary drain pan. SS103E
provides the added protection of dual sensor control with
the simplicity of installing a single device.
SS500EP is easily installed directly in the drain pan.
Its small size and slim pro le makes it great for use on
commercial rooftop down ow units.
The logic circuit continuously samples the probes for
water. If water is detected, the circuit determines if the
condition is transient or permanent. If permanent, the
system will be shutdown. Onboard LED’s indicate the
condition of the unit at a glance, removing any guess work.
New Electronic Probe Sensor
For Installation on Primary Drain Pan
when Plenum Rating is Needed
SS 500 EP
SS 500 EP - Product #97693
Great for Commercial Rooftop Downflow Units
Onboard LED Indicator
UL 508 & UL 2043
US Patent#: 6,442,955; 7,199,722; 6,698,215 & Patent Pending