Page 2 - Rectorseal Safe-T-Switch

For Installation on Primary Drains or Auxiliary Drain Outlets
Model SS1
MODEL SS1 - Product #97630
Safe-T-Switch® model SS1 can be installed
horizontally or vertically, inline or on the
primary pan’s auxiliary drain outlet by using the
included ¾” adapter, bushing and cap. It can be
installed on a sloping line and does not need to
be level or plumb.
MODEL SS2 - Product #97635
For Installation on Primary Pan Auxiliary Outlet
Model SS2
Using the ¾” adapter, the SS2 can be installed
on the auxiliary outlet of the primary drain pan.
The SS2 also provides easy access to the switch
and the primary drain line for service.
The specially designed steel mounting brack-
et clips rmly over the edge of most drain pans.
The slim-pro led SS3 can be installed on pri-
mary or auxiliary drain pans.
MODEL SS3 - Product #97645
For Installation on Primary & Auxiliary Drain Pans
Model SS3
Safe-T-Switch® is the most reliable con-
densate over ow switch available. It detects
clogged air conditioning condensate drains
and shuts off the system to prevent water
damage to oors, walls and ceilings.
This easy to install, uniquely designed,
patented magnetic reed switch will not stick
or rust. Safe-T-Switch® condensate over ow
switch can be connected to either the red or
yellow (thermostat) wires.
Magnetic Reed Switches
A/C Condensate Drain Cleaner
oz - #97685 & 32 oz - #97690
Condensate Over ow Alarm
MODEL SG1 - Product #97655