Page 2 - Metacaulk Firestopping Products

Worldwide Leader in FirestopTechnology
Our family of UL approved
Firestopping Products
is specifically
designed to fill voids in construction joints and around penetrations in fire-rated walls or floors. Many have intumescent
properties and expand when exposed to heat, forming a high-strength insulating char.
products contain a
combination of biocides that protect the product in both the cured and non-cured state against mold growth. Our intumescent
firestop products comply with required environmental exposure testing of accelerated aging and high humidity, as per UL
Fire Test of Through-Penetration Firestops. In the event of fire,
sealants will restrict the spread of flames,
smoke, hot gases and water. Whatever your application, we provide the most cost effective products to fit your every need.
After test burns, assemblies are immedi-
ately subjected to a hose stream test to
complete the ASTM E-814 (UL 1479) or
ASTM E-1966 (UL 2079) procedure.
A computerized control room monitors all
phases of test burns as specified by ASTM
E-814 (UL 1479) or ASTM E-1966 (UL
Two on-site test ovens allow for quicker re-
sponse to customer needs for UL approved
systems and speed the development of
new systems.
Testing & Approvals
Model Building Codes require the use
of firestop products in various types of
construction and occupancies. Most
local codes are derived from one or
more of these model codes.
Products and Systems meet the through-
penetration firestopping requirements
found within the appropriate sections of
the following codes:
International Code Council
International Conference of Building Officials; Uniform Building Code
Southern Building Code Congress International; Standard Building Code
Building Officials and Code Administrators International; National Building Code
Council of American Building Officials (coordinating agency between ICBO,
National Building Code of Canada
International Residential Code
NFPA 5000 Building Construction & Safety Code
Products are specified in
many systems within the UL Fire Resis-
tance Directory and Intertek (Warnock
Hersey) Directory of Listed Building
Products and conform to one or more of
the appropriate sections within the fol-
lowing codes, test requirements or ap-
proved agencies shown:
UL 1479
Fire Tests of Through-Penetration Firestops
UL 2079
Tests for Fire Resistance of Building Joint Systems
ASTM E-1966
Standard Test Method for Fire Resistive Joint Systems
ASTM E-814
Standard Test Method for Fire Tests of Through-Penetration Fire Stops
NFPA 101
National Fire Protection Association Life Safety Code
National Electrical Code
ASTM E-119 (UL 263) Method for Fire Tests of Building Construction and Materials
ASTM E-84 (UL 723)
Test Method of Surface Burning Characteristics of Building Materials
ULC CAN4-S115M Standard Method of Fire Tests of Fire Stop Systems
ULC CAN/ULC-S101M Standard Method of Fire Endurance Tests
B.S. 476 / pr EN 1366.3 European / British Standards
AS 1530.4
Part 4: Fire Resistance Tests of Elements of Building Construction
AS 4072.1
Part 1: Service Penetration and Control Joint
founded in 1937, is a leading manufacturer of firestopping products. In 1995, an on-site fire test laboratory
was built for the purpose of conducting UL witnessed burns for through-penetration and construction joint assemblies. Our
laboratory has been designated by UL under their Witness Test Data Program for fire testing to UL 1479 & UL 2079.