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D i s t r i b u t e d b y :
Through the use of current technology and social
media, RectorSeal provides up-to-date technical
information and marketing materials.
Company Homepage:
An online hub of readily available resources for our full-line
of specialty chemicals and tools including: product codes,
MSDS and product data sheets. Promotional literature and
artwork can be easily viewed. Trade show scheduling and
booth information are also updated frequently.
Social Media:
Up to the minute information from RectorSeal regarding new
products, press releases, market trends and trade articles are
sent directly to your wall, time-line and mobile devices.
Online Video:
Watch instructional videos on how to effectively and properly
use RectorSeal products. Subscribe to our channel and
receive new product videos instantly.
Online Training:
Earn certifications from RectorSeal for approved field use of
our specialty products. Lessons and exams can be completed
at your own pace and results accessed from your
personal computer.
To utilize these services, visit
Contact: RectorSeal
Spenwick Drive, Houston, TX 77055
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