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New & Innovative

Left Cutting Offset

• Cuts up to 18-gauge (1.32mm) galvanized steel.

• Makes clean cuts on both edges as scrap spirals out of tool path.

• Cleanly disengages from cut without pulling scrap through tool head.

• 360° rotating head for optimum tool clearance and material flow. (TSMD only)

Cut Cleaner and Faster.

Double-Cut TurboShears

Full-Size Performance

from a Compact Snip

Goes where you Need to Work




• Forged steel serrated jaws for cutting accuracy and control.

• Superior material flow in 24-gauge (0.61 mm) cold rolled and (0.71 mm) galvanized steel.

• The AVsMini easily goes to work in tight or awkward spaces where full-size aviation snips are challenged.

• A 3/4 inch (19 mm) length of cut, designed for confined areas is where this snip excels.

For fabricating shop-quality pans and boxes, on the job, the Malco 48 in. (1.2 m) “Pan Style” Mini-Brake

is designed to be portable. At just under 100 pounds (45 kg), it may be carried comfortably by two

people, or quickly separated into anvil and table components for one-person transport.

Right Cutting Offset



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