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Hole Cutters

Gold Standard Cutter Bits

Sheet Metal Circles made easy.

The Real Difference

Distinctive gold bits, bearings and pivot pin signify the longest lasting,

fastest cutting, easiest adjusting solution for cutting holes in sheet metal.

Lightweight aluminum frames make these accessories extremely

portable for a variety of hole cutting applications in sheet metal including

20-gauge (1.02 mm) galvanized steel. A compact model HC1 Hole Cutter is

adjustable for making 2 to 12 in. (51 to 305 mm) diameter holes. The larger

HC2 model cuts 2 to 20 in. (51 to 508 mm) holes. A combination English/

Metric diameter gauge is included on the adjustable pivot slide for both,

also including the same mill-type Cutter Bit and replacement parts.

Malco cutter bits feature a long lasting, mill type cutting edge and large

flat for adjusting the cutting edge location up or down to extend bit life.

One cutter bit fits either model and is easily replaceable.

Available in 1 packs (CB), 6 packs (CBB) and 100 Bulk Packs (CB100).


2-12 in. (51-305 mm)

Diameter Circles




Malco Hole Cutters quickly install into the chuck of any

corded or cordless drill as small as 1/4 in. (6.35 mm).

Malco Products Inc. Est. 1950

2-20 in. (51-508 mm)

Diameter Circles