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Malco Products Inc. Est. 1950


Vinyl Fence Notchers

The louver-shaped tabs create a durable

lock that can withstand high winds and

abrupt blows.

Easily create 1/2 in. or 3/4 in.

(13mm or 19mm) raised tabs on the

job site.


Quickly lock rails and pickets in place.

Compound leverage and exclusive

Redline handles reduce the fatigue of

repetitive motions.


Anyone who has had to remove and rework vinyl fence rails knows the difficul-

ty of performing this task without damaging the rail or post. The economical

and work-saving Vinyl Rail Removal Tool from Malco Products is a reliable, safe

and easy way to remove rails from vinyl post and rail fences fastened together

with a series of notched tabs! This little tool is a must have for all installers.

• Blades are thin stainless steel with an angled lip

for easy insertion between rail and post.

• A safety lanyard anchors the tool to prevent injury

or loss of tool when extracting rail.

• Easy-to-spot yellow handles.


Locking Tab Width Tool Length

Net Weight



in. (mm)

in. (mm)

oz. (g)


Picket and Rail Notcher

1/2 (13)

9 (229)

14 (397)


Rail Notcher

3/4 (19)

9 (229)

14 (397)


Vinyl Rail Removal Tool

5 (12.7)

6.72 (191)

Vinyl Rail Removal Tool



Works in cold down

to 40°F (4.4°C)

and heat up to

120°F (48.9°C)

Rail Notcher

Creates 3/4 in. (19mm) wide, 7/8 in.

(22mm) deep, louver-shaped tabs in

vinyl fence rails, locking the rails into

post openings.

Designed specifically for use with vinyl fencing, Malco’s fence picket

and rail notchers make raised tabs in the end sections of vinyl rails and

pickets. These louver-shaped tabs create a durable “lock” that prevents

the rail or picket from pulling out of the openings.

Vinyl Fence Picket

and Rail Notchers






Picket & Rail Notcher

Creates 1/2 in. (13mm) wide, 7/8 in.

(22mm) deep, louver-shaped tabs in

vinyl fence pickets and rails, locking the

pickets and rails in place.