Henry Catalogue 2010 - page 90

Industrial & Commercial Refrigeration Products
Suitable for Ammonia
The SG-1300 sight glass kit includes the glass prism sight glass,
O-Ring (Part Number 2-023-002), Quad-Ring (Part Number
2—023-003) and mounting hardware.
The SG-1300 can be used on any compressor with a 3 bolt 17⁄8"
B.C. sight glass. The sight glass unites the refraction indices of
glass and oil resulting in total prism disappearance during contact
with oil. Under partial oil conditions, the prism level marker will
appear as a bright double line of reflected light extending
upward from the oil pool.
Reflex Lens Sight Glass
Glass Prism Sight Glass
U.S. Patent #334,940
Sight Glasses
Part No. 3-020-052
Gasket No. 2-023-019
Part No. 3-020-053, NA
Gasket No. 2-023-019
Part No. 3-020-011
Gasket No. 2-023-005
Part No. 3-020-010
Gasket No. 2-023-005
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