Henry Catalogue 2010 - page 85

Industrial & Commercial Refrigeration Products
Suitable for Ammonia
The E-9400 series liquid level switch is intended to be mounted
horizontally on the side of a liquid level column in the sight glass
cap. The switch can be installed on any location on the liquid level
column when the temperatures do not exceed the rating in the
table on page 25. This includes oil separators, oil reservoirs and
refrigerant receivers. The electrical connection end is suitable for
1⁄2" conduit. For electrical safety, liquid level switch types which
use an AC power supply must be used on grounded equipment.
Disconnect the power
Remove wiring box from the retainer
Remove the R. Ring with an IRR P-101
or equivalent retaining ring pliers
Remove the adapter
Pull out the module by the leads
Install new module
Verify the voltage rating
Module Replacement:
: Horizontal only
Switch inductive ratings
: 35 va pilot duty rated
Contact, power off
: Normally Open (N.O.)
Contact life
: More than one million cycles at rated
electrical load
Power for operation
: 3.5 ma AC, 5.5 ma DC
Minimum load
: 2 ma (without bleed resistor)
Application Wiring:
Wiring diagrams for both AC and DC applications
are shown below. The 3 wire switching circuits
shown can be used in a number of applications.
Differential control of liquid level using E-9400A liquid level switch
1. Turn on solenoid valve when level goes below lower E-9400A
2. Turn off solenoid valve when level goes above upper E-9400A
Liquid Level Switch Details Disassembled View
Liquid Level Switch Assembled
View (no sight glass)
Note: Replacement Lucite body P/N:
1...,75,76,77,78,79,80,81,82,83,84 86,87,88,89,90,91,92,93,94,95,...119
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