Henry Catalogue 2010 - page 70

Industrial & Commercial Refrigeration Products
Catalog Number S-4004
Our S-4004 Oil Filter removes foreign material from the oil as it passes through the
filter. The filter easily captures any debris that may be in the system, such as dirt, met-
al chips, etc. (particle retention 10 micron). The S-4004 is required on all Electronic Oil
Level Controllers to protect the solenoid manifold. Catalog Number S-4005 The use of
Polyolester Oil (POE) is required for use with the new HFC refrigerants. However,
there are some drawbacks.
POE oil is more hygroscopic. It absorbs moisture at a much greater rate than min-
eral oils. Moisture in any system can produce harmful conditions.
POE oil is a potent solvent, capable of cleaning up pipe scale, sludge, and other
system contaminants.
In order to trap these contaminants and moisture, frequent changing of the liquid and
suction line filter driers is recommended. Because the contaminants and moisture can
return with the POE oil to the compressor's crankcase, why not clean the oil at its
source? We have developed the POE Oil Filter & Drier for POE oil return on systems
using Oil Separators and Oil Control Systems. This is not a refrigerant Filter Drier. It is
designed to operate at a very low pressure drop in a 100% oil environment. The POE
Oil Filter & Drier, Catalog No. S-4005, was designed to clean and dry POE oil as it is
returned to the compressor crankcase or Oil Reservoir in parallel systems. Clean and
dry POE oil assures the proper operation of the float assemblies in the Oil Separator
and the Oil Level Regulators.
The S-4005 POE Filter Drier features:
Extra large filter area: 325 sq. inches, to ensure clean-up of the oil.
Filled with 8 cubic inches of XH9 desiccant, the recommended desiccant for high
moisture removal from POE oil.
High flow capacity with low pressure drop.
Same connection size as oil return line from Oil Separator (3⁄8" male flare).
No need to install multiple strainers to each oil level regulator.
Also for use with Alkybenzene and Mineral Oil.
Replace after 15 p.s.i.g. pressure drop.
Catalog Number S-9105
Our Oil Line Strainer protects the Oil Level Regulator by removing foreign matter such
as dirt, metal chips, etc. so the foreign material will not plug the small orifice of the Oil
Level Regulator. It will also prevent foreign material from entering the compressor. The
strainer’s 100 mesh screen provides adequate straining with low pressure drop.
Conventional and Polyester Oil
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