Henry Catalogue 2010 - page 69

Industrial & Commercial Refrigeration Products
We recommend the use of our Reservoir Pressure Valve
with our Oil Reservoir. Mount the valve on the 3⁄8" male
flare suction vent on top of the Oil Reservoir.
The S-9104 maintains a 5 lb. positive pressure
differential in the Oil Reservoir over the crankcase
pressure. This positive pressure will insure an adequate
oil supply to the Oil Level Regulators. The oil level in all
the Oil Level Regulators is calibrated at this 5 lb. positive
pressure. Some parallel compressor systems have a
satellite compressor which maintains a higher suction
pressure than the other compressors in the system. The
S-9104H provides a 20 lb. positive pressure in the Oil
Reservoir for this application.
For applications that have long periods of non-run time,
overnight for example, the use of the S-9104H is
recommended. During low usage periods the oil return
line from the separator may become flattened to
crankcase pressure, thus losing feed differential and oil
return. the use of a 20 psi diff valve will result in less
chance of the oil system flattening over time.
Catalog Number
Pressure Setting
Size Connection
5 lbs.
3/8” Female Flare x 3/8” Male Flare
20 lbs.
3/8” Female Flare x 3/8” Male Flare
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