Henry Catalogue 2010 - page 66

Industrial & Commercial Refrigeration Products
The Optronic Oil Level Regulator* is designed to control the
oil level in the compressor crankcase using proven optical
sensor technology. The stand alone regulator is suitable for
both high pressure and low pressure oil management
control systems. The oil is regulated at 1/2 Sight Glass
using a pulse timer. When a low oil condition is detected,
there is a 15 second time delay prior to oil feed to ensure
stability and prevent overfill. Oil is then pulsed into the
compressor at 3 second on/off intervals. If demand is not
satisfied after 2 minutes of continuous oil feed, a low level
alarm is initiated by means of a fail-safe electrical contact.
During the alarm condition the regulator will continue to
pulse feed oil. The alarm will reset automatically if the oil
returns to 1/2 glass. The alarm contact may be used to shut
down the compressor in the event of a low level condition.
The Optronic Regulator is fitted to the sight glass housing
of the compressor and has an integral sight glass that
allows visual inspection of the crankcase oil level.
*Utilizing patented technology-Patent #5,278,426.
Max Working Pressure:
500 PSIG (34 Bar)
Max Differential Pressure:
350 PSIG (24 Bar)
Max Ambient Temp:
113°F (45°C)
Max Fluid Temp:
176°F (80°C)
Supply Voltage (Connections 1 & 2):
24V AC 50 / 60HZ
Rated Operating Current:
0.5 Amps
Alarm contacts (Connections 3 & 4):
Volt Free, N/O
Alarm Contact Rating:
24V DC@ 2A, 120 V AC@2A
Electrical connection:
4 Pin M12 Circular, IEC60947-5-2
Protection Class:
Status LED’s:
Oil supply Line:
1/4” Flare
2.6 LBS (1.18 Kg)
Approved Refrigerant/Oils:
(For other Refrigerant/Oil combinations contact Henry
The Optronic Regulator meets the requirements of UL and
bears the UR symbol. The regulator is CE marked in
accordance with the EMC directive.
Regulator: Optronic OP-02
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