Henry Catalogue 2010 - page 63

Industrial & Commercial Refrigeration Products
One oil level regulator for all applications
The S-9030* Oil Level Regulator is designed to
bolt directly to the three bolt sight glass housing
found on many compressor crankcases. Adapt-
er kits are available for compressors that have a
different sight glass configuration. The sight
glass from the compressor or supplied with an
adaptor kit, bolts to the second regulator flange
for visual observation of the oil level.
*U.S. Patent #5,542,499 & other U.S. and
Foreign Patents pending
S-9030 Adjustable Regulator:
The Electro-Mechanical Oil Level Regulator S-9030 provide a sim-
plistic means for controlling oil level for hermetic, semi-hermetic,
reciprocating and scroll compressors. through the use of a float
switch and solenoid valve. A magnetic reed float switch closes
upon the reduction of oil level in the oil regulator body. This
action energizes the solenoid valve thereby feeding oil into the
regulator body.
The oil level is adjustable by loosening the compression nut and
manually adjusting the position of the float switch. A low level
alarm is also provided, for oil safety on hermetic and scroll compres-
sors. If the oil level drops 1⁄8" below the set point, a second
magnetic reed switch closes activating a customer supplied alarm.
This alarm circuit may also be used to disconnect power from the
compressor. While the regulator is in alarm the solenoid valve
remains open trying to re-establish the oil level.
Complete oil level control without variations in
pressure drop.
3/8” Flare normally closed solenoid valve.
Adjustable between 1⁄4" and 1⁄2" glass.
Low level alarm circuit.
Supply—24VAC, 6 watts.
Equalization connection 3⁄8" Flare.
Operating differential 5 to 300 psig, 450 psig MAWP.
Reliable float switch operation, 20 VA pilot duty.
All major components replaceable.
Oil Level Regulators
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