Henry Catalogue 2010 - page 30

Industrial & Commercial Refrigeration Products
Brass construction
5⁄8" O.D.S. extended brass connections
Positive pressure relief
Consistent operation
Excellent reseating characteristics
Suitable for refrigerants 12, 22, 500, 502, 123, 134A, and
other industrial fluids non-corrosive to brass, steel and Teflon
Factory set and sealed
The Henry By-Pass Valve utilizes a designed to handle
momentary instances of over pressure (not a fire). It by-passes
excess pressure to the low side of the system thus preventing
the catastrophic relief valve from discharging refrigerant into
the atmosphere. If the over pressure increases then the
catastrophic relief valve will be activated.
The By-Pass Valve is an indirectly spring loaded diaphragm
type of valve. System pressure acts on the diaphragm causing
the piston to lift from the valve seat. The valve has relatively
low flow rates. It’s primary function is to by-pass only enough
gas so as to reduce the effects of a high pressure spike. High
flow rates would adversely affect system performance.
Continued by-passing of refrigerant for extended periods of
time can lead to loss of system capacity, excessively high
temperatures at the compressor and possible compressor
failure. We recommend a sensor be put in the discharge line
from the valve to monitor if the valve is relieving from the high
side to the low side. Orders must specify pressure setting in
the range of 150 to 450 PSI.
Standard settings are:
5467-250 PSI (For 300 PSI, Relief Valve)
5467-290 PSI (For 350 PSI, Relief Valve)
5467-330 PSI (For 400 PSI, Relief Valve)
5467-350 PSI (For 425 PSI, Relief Valve)
5467-375 PSI (For 450 PSI, Relief Valve)
At what pressure should these devices be set? A typical
installation with a pressure vessel having a maximum working
pressure of 400 PSI might be:
Relief Valve: Set the design working pressure 400 PSI of the
vessel or 25% higher than the maximum working pressure of
the system.
High/Low Side Valve: Set at approximately 330 PSI 80-85% of
the relief valve setting.
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