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Industrial & Commercial Refrigeration Products
Relief Valve Capacity Ratings:
(Pounds per minute) - Henry Relief valves are
constructed and marked in accordance with the requirements of the ASME
(Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code Section VIII, Division 1).
These valves are also approved by many local refrigeration and air conditioning
codes in the USA and Canada for relief of excess pressure. In addition, these
valves are stamped with the ASME UV symbol and NB to indicate National Board
certification as to capacities.
Angle & Straight-Thru Types (150-675 PSIG)
Brass construction set and sealed
at the factory; all N.P.T.F. connections are
American Standard dry-seal tapered pipe threads
Valves are stamped
with catalog number, size, pressure setting, capacity and
ASME-UV National Board symbol; CRN number and flow arrow
All N.P.T.F. connections
are American standard dry-seal tapered pipe threads
Consistent operation
at marked pressure setting
These relief valves
are designed with HENRY’S “Center Loading Pivot” con-
cept allowing the piston to reseat squarely to the body seat, thus reducing the
possibilities of leakage
for refrigerants R22, R134a, R404a, R410a, R500, R502 and other
industrial fluids non-corrosive to brass, monel, steel, and Teflon.
Factory set and sealed
Temperature rating:
–20°F (-29°C) to +225°F (107°C)
Orders must specify
catalog number, pressure setting, and type of refrigerant
or fluid with which the valve is to be used; UV/NB certified setting range
varies with design, see ratings sheet; contact Henry for non-certified setting
range info.
Selection of Relief Valves.
Most states and municipalities which have
refrigeration safety codes conform to the “American Standard Safety Code for
Mechanical Refrigeration (ANSI/ASHRAE 15).” This code and ASME states a
relief valve setting is not to exceed the design working pressure of the vessel on
which the relief valve is installed. The discharge capacity required is based on the
size of the vessel and the refrigerant used. The discharge capacity of relief valves
varies with the pressure setting. The capacities of Henry Relief Valves at various
pressure settings are available by calling the Engineering and Technical Assis-
tance line 1-800-627-5148.
Whenever conditions permit it is highly advisable to have the relief valve pressure
setting (which must not exceed the design working pressure of the vessel) at
least 25% higher than the normal maximum operating pressure for the
refrigerant used.
Standard pressure settings (brass):
150, 235, 300, 350, 400, 450 PSIG
Standard pressure settings (steel):
150, 250, 300 PSIG
Standard pressure settings (High Pressure):
500, 550, 600, 650, 675 PSIG
Orders must specify pressure setting.
Available if requested on purchase order, (-C) suffix,
i.e. 5600-300-C
Type 52 Angle
Type 523
Type 560
Type 524, 534, & 525
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